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This Numinous Bond

Written by
Liliane Welch

Cover of This Numinous Bond
Click image for larger view of cover.

76 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888871930
$15.95 CA

This book is in stock and ships within 48 hours of receipt of order.

About the Book This Numinous Bond, one of Liliane Welch´s finest collections, plumbs our deepest relations with the visible and invisible world, and speaks "for things that last." ("Lava") Addressing people and places in unforgettable ways, Welch makes us equally at home in sun-drenched Umbria and busy Venice and Florence, as in the peaceful landscapes of New Brunswick and Luxembourg. She delights in the seraphic pleasures of angels and in the modulated joy of humans. She shares with Whitman, Dickinson, Thoreau, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarmé, Dante, writers she celebrates in this volume, a genius for sharp observation and an aspiration to move beyond the conventional.
These poems move and strengthen us with their inexhaustible energy and their surprising aural imagination.
In Liliane Welch´ hands, words become paintings and paintings become music in a divinely inspired and unique way . . . Each poem is a spiritual trip for the writer as well as for the reader. Mylène Rizzi
Liliane Welch has a remarkable ability to reveal links and associations that give a poet´s vision of a truly international world of arts and letters. Marie-Anne Hansen-Pauly
In a voice both candid and lyrical, Welch reveals an intimate bond with life and art, divulging such vivacity that one cannot escape unaffected . . . She inspirits her readers, sharing passionately her own freedom of vision. Margaret Priemer

back cover of This Numinous Bond
Click image for larger view of backcover.

About the Author Liliane Welch
Liliane Welch (1937- ) is a Canadian poet. Borealis has published six books of her poetry: "This Numinous Bond" (2003), "Unlearning Ice" (2001), "The Rock's Stillness" (1999), "Frescoes" (1998), "Fidelities" (1997), and Assailing Beats" (1979). She co-authored two volumes of criticism on modern French poetry, and published a book of essays, "Seismographs" (1988). Her writings are included in anthologies and translated into other languages. She taught at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick.

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