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New Canadian Drama Vol. 1:
Westmount, Stargazing, Pushkin

Edited by
Neil Carson
Written by
Richard Ouzounian, Tom Cone, George Jonas

Cover of New Canadian Drama Vol. 1

119 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888870568
$19.95 CA

This book is in stock and ships within 48 hours of receipt of order.

About the Book New Canadian Drama - Volume 1, edited by Neil Carson. Westmount - "The original version of the play was called British Properties after the exclusive residential area in West Vancouver where it was set. Essentially it is a light farce in the tradition that goes back, via Gilbert and Sullivan, to Roman Comedy. Into his venerable dramatic bottle, however, Ouzounian has poured a few drops of new satiric wine." In Stargazing "Cone´s technical innovations are used to reinforce one of his central themes which is the isolation of individuals. Each of the stargazers in the play, like an early navigator, sets the course of his life by a distant light. The star each person follows gives meaning and direction to his life, but it also separates him from other voyagers. Cone is a challenging playwright whose more difficult work may not win a quick and easy popularity, but many theatre lovers, like drama critic Jamie Portman, consider Cone one of this country´s most original dramatists." "George Jonas´s Pushkin is innovative in a different way from either of the other two plays in this volume. Conventional in form, the piece attempts what is still relatively rare in this country - the recreation of a European milieu." "The idea for Pushkin developed when Marion Andre, Artistic Director of Theatre Plus, approached Jonas to write a play for Harry Belafonte. In the course of their discussion of black historical characters, the two men discovered a mutual interest in the great Russian poet and radical."

About the Authors Neil Carson
Neil Carson (1931- ) has written and edited a number of books, many on the subject of theatre or theatrical persons, such as Arthur Miller. He was the first general editor of the series of books that Borealis Press published under the title "New Canadian Drama." He has also published articles on various topics relating to the theatre. He has done extensive research on Shakespeare and various aspects of the theatre during Shakespeare's time.

Tom Cone
Tom Cone (1947- ), playwright, was born in Florida, and studied in the United States and Italy before moving to Canada in 1970. There, he continued his schooling at Simon Fraser University. Since his acting debut at age six, Cone has transformed his love of theatre into such plays as " There" (premiered in 1972), "Herringbone" (Playwrights' Theatre Centre, 1975), "Stargazing" (Stratford Festival, 1978) and "The Architect" (Vancouver Opera, 1994). Cone currently resides in British Columbia.

George Jonas
George Jonas (1935- ) came from Budapest, Hungary, to Canada in 1956. He has been a CBC radio/TV producer and syndicated newpaper columnist, and. has published books, plays, and poetry. Among his best-known works is "Pushkin" (see "New Canadian Drama--Volume 1," (1980, Borealis) and "By Persons Unknown: The Strange Death of Christine Demeter" (co-written with Barbara Amiel, 1977). The 2005 movie "Munich" was based on his book, "Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team."

Richard Ouzounian
Richard Ouzounian (1950- ) has played many roles in Canadian theatre: writer, director, actor, critic, and artistic director. His musicals include "Dracula" and "Larry's Party." He has published award-winning articles, plays, musicals, and books of interviews. He hosted CBC's "Say It With Music" and was creative head of arts at TVOntario for four years. He has taught at four Canadian universities and two colleges. Borealis Press published his play "Westmount" in Volume 1 of "New Canadian Drama."

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