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The Adventures of Emma, Ellen, Emil, and I, and oh yes; Marko!

Written by
Molly Anne Warring

Cover of The Adventures of Emma, Ellen, Emil, and I, and oh yes; Marko!
Click image for larger view of cover.

146 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888877284
$15.00 CA

This book is in stock and ships within 48 hours of receipt of order.

About the Book There is nothing more impressive than seeing a human showing their love toward their pet and that pet returning that love; but much more so… in fact tenfold more!

This book is a labour of love by Molly Anne Warring for her over 80-year lifetime. It follows her life since she was a small child growing up on a poor farm starting in the late 1930s. Particularly interesting is how all her pets on the farm interacted with her to make her life a total blessing on earth. She writes about how she served as the midwife delivering piglets when she was only 5 or 6 years old. It tells you about the horses, calves, and even her pet hens, Pricilla and Bernice. However, the story focuses mostly on her pets of the last few years. Her beloved Emma, the Yellow Lab which she and her husband, Lou loved and adored for over 11 years. It focuses on her present pets, Ellen, her 17 year old Calico cat, and her two grey male cats, Emil and Marko with whom she now shares her life. Molly Anne has even included the thoughts of her animals as she perceives them to be. The story explains her belief in the Rainbow Bridge and the army of her loving pets who are waiting for her at that bridge to greet her when she passes to the other side and how they will all enter heaven together.

It is a story well worth reading for people of all ages!

This book is Molly Anne Warring´s fourth and it will be followed by a book entitled The Judas Factor. Her first three books were entitled; Paradise Acres, which rose to the best sellers list for 8 weeks, this was followed by Lost Paradise and Return to Paradise. All three books were nominated for the Governor General´s Literary Award.

back cover of The Adventures of Emma, Ellen, Emil, and I, and oh yes; Marko!
Click image for larger view of backcover.

About the Author Molly Anne Warring

Molly Anne Warring (1937- ) Molly Anne is an accredited public relations practitioner having worked in that field for over 50 years. She is the President of her own company, Warring Channels Inc. She has worked in the public and private sectors. Molly Anne worked in the Alberta Legislature as an Executive Assistant to two Ministers of the Crown as well as EA to the Alberta Government Telephone Commission Board, the predecessor to TELUS. She totally enjoyed working for Dow Chemical as the Public Relations Director for Western Canada. Molly Anne served on many boards and commissions such as the Capital Health Board, Health Facilities Review Committee as the Vice Chairman for six years, and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation Board. She has volunteered for multiple charities including the Salvation Army and the Herb Jamison Center and the Hope Mission.

For her volunteer efforts she was decorated with the Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal. Further recognitions were the Alberta Centennial Medal of Distinction and a citation and honour by the Premier of Alberta, the award of the Centennial silver medal given to Albertans for outstanding charity work in their respective communities.

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