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New Canadian Drama Vol. 8:
Speculative Drama: Roswell, Eden's Moon, Alien Bait

Edited by
Scott Kesi Duchesne
Written by
Bruce Barton, Michael Green, William R. Young, Blake Brooker

Cover of New Canadian Drama Vol. 8

202 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888872654
$19.95 CA

This book is in stock and ships within 48 hours of receipt of order.

About the Book This series, New Canadian Drama, under its initial General Editor Neil Carson, and now Alan Filewod, provides for the general public and student, plays from the contemporary Canadian stage, as selected by each Volume Editor. Volume 8, edited by Scott Duchesne, presents three "speculative dramas": "Roswell" by Bruce Barton, "Eden´s Moon" by William R. Young, and "Alien Bait" by Michael Green and Blake Brooker. As the editor details in his introduction, "New Canadian Drama - Volume 8, Speculative Drama," evolves from Romantic beginnings in the Science Fiction (SF) of the early 19th century to a mode for expressing the anxieties and aspirations of contemporary life in the Western World. Judith Merrill in the late 1960s coined the term for this new form whose base, rather than ´science´, is the act of asking "What if ...?" Each of these three plays taps into contemporary angst, synthesizing the strange and the familiar into something that might be seen as a new Canadian sensibility.

About the Authors Bruce Barton
Bruce Barton (1958- ) was born in Montreal, but lived in Southern Ontario and Atlantic Canada before moving to Toronto, where he teaches English and drama at the University of Toronto. He has written plays for radio, the stage, and video. He has been director, consultant, and designer in both university and professional theatre. He currently edits "Theatre Research in Canada."

Blake Brooker
Blake Brooker (1955- ) is a playwright, director, and co-founder of the well-known theatre ensemble One Yellow Rabbit (OYR) of Calgary, Alberta. He has written and directed numerous plays for OYR. He played a small role in the 1999 movie "Superstar" and wrote the script for another 1999 movie, "Bad Money." "Alien Bait," a play co-written by Brooker, is included in volume 8 of the "New Canadian Drama" series published by Borealis Press.

Scott Kesi Duchesne
Not available.

Michael Green
Michael Green, playwright, director, producer, and actor since 1975, began his theatre career with avante-garde Calgary group Ikarus. He is co-founder and co-director of Calgary's One Yellow Rabbit theatre company, for whom he has written plays such as "Naked West," and "Alien Bait" (written with Blake Brooker, it was part of the anthology, "New Canadian Drama--Volume 8, Speculative Drama," 2001, Borealis). "Dreams of a Drunken Quaker--Two Plays and a Rant" (1992) is a book of his plays.

William R. Young
William R. Young is a Canadian playwright. His play, "Eden's Moon," is published in "New Canadian Drama," Volume 8, "Speculative Drama" (2001 Borealis). Other plays to his credit are "Dead Ducks," "Beyond Catholic," and "The Tin Untold" He also edited the third volume of "Paul Martin: The London Diaries 1975-1979" (1988).

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