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On Mink Mountain

Written by
Bill MacDonald

Cover of On Mink Mountain
Click image for larger view of cover.

162 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9780888876171
$18.95 CA

This book is in stock and ships within 48 hours of receipt of order.

About the Book When Bill MacDonald died last year, we lost not only a gifted storyteller, but the myriad curmudgeonly irreverent misfits, recluses and adventurers, human and occasionally feline that populated his stories. Bill had a wonderful ability to make the reader care about his characters. Through the clear, telling details of his characters' lives, through their words and actions, through quiet humour, he brought us on side and kept us tethered there.

Humour was a natural part of Bill's approach to storytelling, yet he always managed to infuse his stories and novels with feelings of longing and loss - the loss of friends, family, lovers, youth and dreams.

Reading Bill's stories and novels, one never knows for certain how much is fiction and how much is truth - not because the stories and characters are too strange to be true, but because they are too real to be fiction. And this, I believe, is his greatest strength as a writer: his ability to convince the reader that the worlds he creates do exist, and the people who inhabit those worlds do live, do love, do laugh and cry and regret, and sometimes, to our great loss, die.

-Rosalind Maki, NOWW Magazine, Spring 2015

back cover of On Mink Mountain
Click image for larger view of backcover.

About the Author Bill MacDonald
Since graduating from the University of Manitoba, and a year in Paris studying at the Sorbonne, Bill has been a forester, arctic weatherman, immigration officer, and school teacher. He lives in Thunder Bay, selling his books and scenic photography at Fireweed Crafts Inc. His short fiction has appeared in "Geist Magazine" and "Prairie Fire." Recent books include: "Lamplight" (2010), "Sirens" (2009), "The Quarry" (2008), "Shadows at Sunset" (2007), "Ruby's Last Ride and other stories" (2007),"Close the Door Softly and other stories" (2007), "A House in the Country"(2007), "Through a Dark Cloud Shining" (2006), "Catwalk: a feline odyssey" (2006), "Barnabus Snug Harbour" (2006), "Soothsayer" (2006), "The Holly Tree" (2005), "Stinging Nettles" (2005), "Christmas Eve at Silver Islet" (2004), "Vive Zigoto" (2004), "Daughters of the Sun - Filles du soleil" (2003), "Hyenas in the Streets" (2003), "Goodbye Picadilly" (2002), "Patagonian Odyssey!" (2001), "Home Before Dark" (2001), and "The Great Millennium Mount Everest Cat Expedition" (2000).

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